Express ServiceWe have you covered for a variety of different repair services

Express Removals

Never have to worry about annoying popups, slow speeds, internet issues or even identity and credit theft. Viruses such as malware, spyware, adware, worms and trojans are all examples of removals we take care of for our clients.

Express Backup

Have us backup your files including your emails, pictures, documents, music, videos, favourites and even desktop. For risky situations, virus scan options are also available in case viruses or other threats may be present in the backup process.

Express Check

Our premium diagnostic service scans and detects our clients' computers for both virus, software and hardware issues. Our diagnostic service is free of charge and refundable when either Express Removals or Express Restore is purchased.

Express Recovery

Recovery your files regardless if you accidentally deleted them, formatted or even broke your hard drive. We offer multiple levels of data recovery tiers and a free diagnostic is provided beforehand to ensure you are paying for what you need.


Express Restore

Express Restore allows you to have that fresh out of the box experience with your computer once again. Enjoy your fresh reloaded version of Mac or Windows without worrying about viruses or junk from the past. Backup options are also available.

Express Install

Have us set up any programs and software either on site or remotely while you sit and watch. We also install hardware quickly while ensuring the job is done right. Never have to worry about accidentally damaging your unit again.


Pickup and delivery offered within Kamloops

Pickup and delivery is available free of charge for clients located in Kamloops, North Shore, Valleyview and Westside, Clients much further then Kamloops such as Merritt, Cache Creek, Salmon Arm and Revelstoke will have an extra charge on services if pickup and delivery is required. The benefits of having us pickup and deliver your broken units include:

  • Negotiable and mutual pickup and delivery arrangements
  • Free of charge for clients within the Kamloops area
Contact us to schedule a Pickup

Free Diagnostics

Clients are fully refunded their diagnostic charge if either Express Removals or Express Restore is purchased afterwards upon diagnostics completion. Diagnostics is also performed and included in both Express Removals and Express Restore. Benefits of diagnostics are listed below:

  • Determine whether your issues are related to viruses, software or hardware
  • Save time and money by choosing the right service required for your issue
  • Useful for clients who want to perform repair themselves but can't determine the root cause of the issue