Express NetHave us take care of setting up, maintaining and troubleshooting your office or home network

Express Home

Home network setup and maintenance made easy without the hassle. Have us setup your home network, install and manage printers on your network, configure network security settings and setup network or cloud backup solutions.

Express Office

Have your network set up specifically to your office's needs. Some of our services include; computer and server setups, customized wireless solutions, data and recovery management, printer and central data storage management.

Express Remote

We provide network maintenance and troubleshooting remotely from our office. Remote services include; configuring network settings, general troubleshooting and maintenance on network printers and server equipment.


Onsite and Offsite Maintenance

Onsite maintenance allow us to repair your network on demand in the case of an emergency. For situations that are of less priority, offsite after hours maintenace is also provided. The benefits of offsite maintenance compared to onsite include:

  • No need for us to physically be at your office to do maintenance or repairs
  • Work is done after hours to reduce downtime and increase productivity
  • Little to no extra work is required on the client's end
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Innovative Technologies

We use both latest yet affordable solutions when assessing your business' needs. By choosing to use the best and latest technologies, we eliminate downtime and increase efficiency for your business. Some common facts are:

  • Using the latest network operating systems and components will ensure full compatibility for almost any system required for any type of business
  • Components made from hardware vendors such as Intel, Cisco and D-Link provide nothing but maximum uptime and efficiency
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