Express BuildChoose from our three diferent computer builds specifically customized to your needs


Computer needs specialized towards productivity, networking, reliability and performance while providing aesthetics that compliment your office environment. All our corporate builds are fully customizable to your office needs.


Our personal computers come in a variety of different affordable options in both aesthetic and technical varieties. We will ensure your computer is customized specifically to your personal computing needs.



Be able to play the latest games with excellent performance while you enjoy in ultra settings. Have the option to either have us build a custom computer or choose from our selection of customized ready-2-play gaming computers. 


1 Month Tech Support and 1 Year Parts Warranty

All of our builds come with one month of tech support for issues in the fields of installations, tune up, maintenance and troubleshooting. All parts assembled in our computers also come with a minimum of one year support from the manufacturer in which we take care of for our clients. Benefits to why our support and warranty beats our competitors include:

  • Warranty and support is free of charge and always will be
  • We take care of all matters that involve dealing with external parties
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No Compromise Necessary

Build the computer you've always wanted regardless of what your demands are. From word processing to AutoCAD or even high level gaming, we have you covered and ready to go. We're a strong believer of building your own computer for the following reasons:

  • We use high quality parts compared to many current PC manufactures
  • Pay for the actual cost of your computer rather than paying for the brand
  • Avoid underspending or overspending due to minimal product knowledge
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